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Product supply


A powerful supplier for import and export
Our team is composed of several marketers and trading companies, relying on relationships and years of experiences in the field of marketing, import and export. Although we have has demonstrated our potency in supplying applicant companies all kind demands.
we are ready to make new cooperation with all trading companies to cover their different import and export needs.

Marketing & Sales


Marketing and sale are also among the greatest concerns for manufacturers.
Our marketing team can help you with marketing and selling products based on international models and rules and relying on its relationships and experiences.
Our team consists of several trading companies that have established good business relationships with several Asian, African and European countries. We are interested in sharing these relationships with you.

Import and export


Import and export is always a great concern of manufacturers.

Our team is composed of several trading companies which can accompany your company in all kinds of import and export We can deliver your orders via sea, air and land.

Technology Transfer


Transfer of novel knowledge and technologies
Fundraising, commercializing and transferring technology is a very important concern for companies and individuals who are somehow involved in science and technology. Our team can help inventors and innovators in consulting, assisting in project, fundraising, and technology transfer through collaborations and partnerships in various fields.